Sunday, 27 May 2012


Ive been lucky enough to be involved with conservation and handling of many original objects over the last year and i will be posting a few of my favourites on here over the next few weeks.

here are two for your consideration

firstly, this very fine sword from around 13th - 14th century, still has impression of handle matierial on the tang. this was a very fascinationg object to hold as it stil had an edge and was nearly intact apart from perhaps 2 inches on the tip. fascinating thing.

(pictured also is a transitional rapier, a small sword and a parrying dagger)

this sword measured just over 39" and had a shallow fuller. the cros was of a gentle "S" form and the pommell was large and heavy with an central impression. the blade was very thin, evenly tapered with the last part of the tip missing .

very much a war sword. it had presance, lets just leave it at that....

I will show more of this blade at a later date as it is my ambition to produce a new piece based on this one, not a copy... but based...

the other treat is the finest most interesting axe ive ever held and it dosent quite fit into any typeology that i know of.

it has the profile of a very elegent francisca, but as far as I know, those axes have heavy wedge shape heads -this was slender and refined.  
 had real trouble not walking out of the building with this one ! i WANTED it.

again, i will post this piece in more detail at a later date- it deserves thought and study.

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