Friday, 20 July 2012

Roman Gladiator Sword.

I had a customer come in this week who re-enacts roman gladiator battles. He had bought a large curved knife that had a basic handle made from the tang bent over.

The customer wanted a better grip making and he supplied me with some buffalo horn and some Red deer antler.

After some discussion, I came up with a design in my mind which resembled a gladius in form, only off-centre.

It was a great chance to get to know horn, which I a material id not used before. I found it to be really, easy and satisfying to use and a wonderful material to finish.

I finished the grip the brass hilt plates and copper nails.

Customer’s hands are a bit larger than mine, so the handle was made to accommodate this.

Its surprising how a proper grip totally changes the dynamic of a sword or any tool for that matter. This piece was ungainly and awkward to use with the shock of impact being transmitted straight to the hand. With the new grip the sense of balance and control has improved.

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