Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I have begun the engraving of the floral “buddleia” motif on the Shibuichi Cuff.


The work is held in a traditional Pitch bowl allowing it to be freely rotated in all directions.


The engraving has been done in using Japanese style “Iron- brush” chisels. I made these chisels some time ago and it was nice to use them again.


  1. I just finished a chasing & repousse cuff project on Shibuichi. I gather you cast it yourself??
    I love working with this metal.

    1. Hi Laurie,

      yes we cast the alloy ourselves. very exciting! the trick is having the water as close to boiling point as possible if not actually boiling. i achieved this by having a heavy iron pot with a camping stove underneath providing direct heat. this allowed me to keep the water hot whilst taking my time to prepare the alloy in the crucible.

      there is a video of the pour here and this blog, its a bit loud though! you have been warned.... :)

      thank you so much for looking