Sunday, 11 August 2013

Carpenters Side Axes

These Hand made side axes are intended to prepare split or sawn timber for planning or used to directly hew timber to finish. They used to a ubiquitous tool for traditional furniture making or even timber framing.

These axes were made after discussing a particular pattern of German hewing hatchet seen here
This form of the axe – the “Fuchs” hatchet, seems, to me to be the best considered and most beautiful  side axe design.  The two axes that I have made are my first explorations towards producing axes that are similar to that form.
The starting stock was 35 x 35, which was first split with a grinder and then opened up with the hot chisel.

Carbon steel inserts were hammered in to the hot mild steel which makes a very tight fitting joint.

The internal faces were cleaned to aid the welding phase



Illustrating balance

Shown next to my old Kent style hatchet for scale
Despite their apparent size, each head weighs only 2.2Lbs (1Kg) making them very wieldable

The broader of the two has had a temporary helve fitted and was sharpened and it cuts beautifully.
I am proud to say that I am now stamping all of my work with my touch mark.
These axes are for sale for £180 each, or if you would like to commission a new piece to meet your exact specifications please contact me by leaving a comment or by finding me on my Facebook business page.
Thank you.

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