Thursday, 21 May 2015

Six Months Of Progress

Neglected for months, left abandoned without even a passing hello, this page has sat....

September to May is quite a pause- so Happy Halloween,  Xmas and new year, St valentines, Easter,  May Day and soon to-be Whitsun.

The flat reality has been that I have simply been too busy to maintain this page effectively so i will do a keep run-through over a handful of blog post to bring the page up-to-date with various projects and works I've engaged with since my last post.

With big changes a comin' to how I work,  I am also (AGAIN!!) re-affirm my promise to hold this page in a better state of maintenance with more regular postings.

In order to rattle through the last couple of months of work, I'm going to pick out a heap of pictures to post here today and then revisit the subjects in coming weeks to discuss them in greater detail.

Also, would just quickly like to thank HUNDREDS of you who drop in regularly to see if there’s anything new…. Sorry for the wait!

 Research trip to Ernest Wright and Sons scissor factory, Sheffield
Saddle grinders
Unfinished blanks

A proper furnace!

Decorated Forestry Axe

Experiments in Scandinavian socketed axes

Scissor and shear forging

Wrought Iron Bell Clappers

forestry and carving axe

Medieval carpenters axe

Hook Knife

Old dutch style trowel

Hand forged wrought iron left-handed Thumb-bow for tailors cutting shears. (More to come!)

Stone Mason's Toothed "axe"

5lb Jersey Pattern felling axe

Ripple Ash hafted camp axe
"swan neck" gouge

Wrought Iron and steel Hunter's Knife

Forging Tailors Shears- more pictures to come!

Photos by Anna Lucia Sadler


  1. !!!

    So good to see a new post from you, it's always a treat to view your work. Now you've got me wanting to forge a trowel, and a stock knife, and a.......

    Thanks for giving others (me!) something to aspire to. Fine, good work.

    Jason Thomas