Thursday, 28 June 2012

Pattern Welded Baroque Quillion Dagger

began this piece some weeks ago.

forged out

Divided into four and short twist

chopped into four
Re-forge welded into little chips!

Chips were stacked two by two, just like the song, and welded in all directions forming a rod of four cores. care was taken to orient eac of the twistes so the came together in a chevron manner. the orinetation of the straight laminte was also considered.

(no pics! boo!)

forged out to blank dagger form (very rough!! )

alot of filing later.....

the cross was carved with files after punching the slot out,

pommel was punched and fitted, more file work.

here we see the blade after test etch.

fitting walnut handle

should be finished soon, more detailed photos then...



  1. There is a wonderful medieval touch of the hand here!

    -J.Arthur Loose

    1. that means alot J!

      got a big grin on my face now.

  2. That's some neat filework my darling!