Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Making Pieces

Continuing with one of my current projects, I have, so far, this week made two of three crucial elements that will support the table area.

These verticals, which I have been referring to as lollipops, are important as they are the element that rises to meet the person interacting with the table. They are each individually designed with decorative motifs taken from medieval architecture- reflecting their setting once installed. The pieces each seek consideration from the viewer; they each ask to be inspected - feeling the forms, precision, the intervals between surfaces, changes in geometry and texture. These are elements of my personal style that I keep coming back to. I enjoy the visual tempo of objects that are varied, detailed and that enjoyment spills into my work.

It is my eye for decoration that first drew me into study antique cutlery and also the baroque era of wrought ironwork- two areas that inform my creative process. The work is meticulous, labour intensive, intricate and skilled. The style, for me encapsulates the ethos of what I am trying to achieve through my work.

These pieces have been produced entirely by hand using traditional methods of forging and filework, the result is components that have personality but also a vibrancy that I feel is imparted to things when made with a level of total concentration.

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