Thursday, 18 October 2012

Shibuichi Forging

I recast the billet for the cuff commission some time ago and got better results.

The piece was forged from the edges towards the centre before beginning the long and delicate process of thinning the ingot down to the desired sheet that can be worked into the final cuff.

Unfortunately, the project has slowed down a little as it required a wider rolling mill than I have so I am using one at a local technical college,  which is only available once a week for an afternoon.  I missed the chance to use their facilities yesterday so I will have to get it completely done next week.




I have also begun forging oak leaves for a separate commission that I have been designing for several months. It’s a really nice change of pace and technique compared to the blade work and non-ferrous work I have been doing recently.


  1. Having seen your work, I would be honoured if you would consider becoming a part of my website, Made by Hands of Britain.

    I wonder if I might send you some details.


    Gillian Montegrande

  2. Please do!

    thanks for looking.