Thursday, 30 August 2012

Copper Casting

Today I cast the material from which I will be forging the hilt parts for the sword.

We made a ladle and a simple ingot mould 1”x1”x6”.  I chopped up some copper and heated it in the forge.

The mould was placed on a bed of sand in the leg vice to catch any liquid copper that missed in the pour.


I desperately wanted to video the pour, but the batteries in my camera had other ideas…I also did a water cast which was very exciting but got no pictures of that either!

 I will be doing another large water cast soon as part of a commission, so I will document that properly.


The black material is borax, adhered to the surface of the ingot.

Tomorrow I will begin hot forging the copper into the right forms to make the guards.
I love liquid metal.


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