Wednesday, 29 August 2012


This sword is now polished and awaits its hilt parts.


It won’t be etched until the entire hilt fitting has been concluded to avoid accidental scuffing of the surface that would require further polishing to remove.

It has been hand rubbed to a 300 grit finish, whilst I could clearly polish it further, I subscribe to the theory that the acid works better if it has a “ground” to bite into, rather than a totally smooth 1200 grit finish.

As it is though, the effect of the steel has a satin quality that I have always found entrancing.

Another joy at this stage is the texture and patterning of the folded steel is revealed upon intimate inspection of the surface. It is impossible to photograph (at least with my ability), but if held in a certain way, at a certain angle at good light – the whole mystery can be read and absorbed. 



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